“Testament of Sherlock Holmes”: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes []
  • Game Type: Xbox360
  • Offer Type: Game
  • Released: 2013-02-05
  • Delisted: No
  • Price: $29.99
  • The Games on Demand version supports English, French, and Spanish. Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual". Forget everything you thought you knew and discover a Sherlock Holmes darker than ever. The detective’s reputation on the verge of being ruined, the admiration of Doctor Watson toward him is starting to fade and change into hatred as he witnesses his friend committing reprehensible acts. You are Sherlock Holmes, and this is your investigation. Unfold an incredible conspiracy on Xbox® 360!

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2013-02-05new offerNULLThe Testament of Sherlock Holmes

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