“FINAL FANTASY XIII-2″: Serah's Outfit: Summoner's Garb

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Serah's Outfit: Summoner's Garb []
  • Game Type: Xbox360
  • Offer Type: GameAddon
  • Released: 2013-06-11
  • Delisted: No
  • Price: $1.49
  • A new outfit for Serah. Wear the traditional garb of the distant summoner whose soul is bound to Serah's across time and space. Select Outfits from the main menu to change clothing. New outfits will not be shown on characters during certain cutscenes and story sequences. This item can also be downloaded by redeeming the corresponding promotion code. The promotion code will no longer be valid once the item is purchased.

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2012-03-05new offerNULLSerah's Outfit: Summoner's Garb
2013-06-11release date2012-03-062013-06-11

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